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Mizuno Yawara

Mizuno Yawara

Made in the original Mizuno factory in Japan Double weave, 750gsm, 100% Cotton

The world's first 3D Judo gi. Widely considered to be the finest Judogi available in the world.

Yawara means soft flexibility. The Dynamic Function cut was a result of Mizuno's analysis and research of body motion. The 3D fit and cut molds the Judogi around the shoulder, sleeve, armpit, and front and back of the bottoms.

Made in the original Mizuno factory in Japan.

Belt not included.

£200.00 (rrp £299.00)

Size 4.5 (185cm) only:

Mizuno Yawara

Mizuno Keiko

White, Single Weave, 650gsm, 100% Cotton

A tough yet comfortable judogi suitable for experienced juniors, or adults looking for a more comfortable gi for regular training or contest. Also popular for Aikido and Jiu Jitsu.

Belt not included.

Available in sizes 150, 155 & 160cm.


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