Mizuno Judo

Mizuno have been producing Judogis since 1965.

As with all their sporting products, Mizuno apply a combination of tradition, technology, craftsmanship and passion to produce Judogis of uncompromising quality. Using only the finest materials and state of the art technology, they have developed a range of Judogis known world-wide for their outstanding comfort and performance.

Dynamic Function Cut

DF Cut is a patented technology which is based on the motion study of the body in order to improve the design of the Mizuno products. This research allows Mizuno to create apparel which perfectly adapts to the body during effort enabling better flexibility during movement.


Before public release, Judogis are tested in collaboration with the National Team of Japan.

Mizuno decided to apply DF Cut technology to the Yawara range, by studying the movements of Judoka. This analysis, computer-assisted, was able to highlight the movement characteristics and the zones of tension specific to the practice of Judo.

These studies made it possible to design a Judogi perfectly adapted to the practice of Judo, which is able to follow the movement of the Judoka, without slowing him down or blocking him in the execution of his techniques.

Fluid Media Ltd.

Kate and Les have been running the design company Fluid Media Ltd. since August 2000 (www.fluidmedia.co.uk).

Les has been practising Judo for over 40 years and was awarded his 6th Dan in 2018. He regularly coaches Junior and Senior players and holds coaching qualifications with both the BJA and BJC.

Fluid Media have been working with Mizuno since 2008, and in 2011 were proud to be chosen as exclusive distributers for the UK and Ireland.